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Arab Bank

Posted by DB Product Review on Friday, August 15, 2014 Under: Banks
Arab Bank
Our History 

The Beginning of the Journey 

With seven financial specialists and a startup capital of 15,000 Palestinian Pounds, Arab Bank was enlisted on May 21, 1930 and started its operations in Jerusalem on July 14 of that year. Abdul Hameed Shoman, the originator, was named the Bank's first executive. Since its establishing, the Bank's legacy has been to go about as a dynamic and heading accomplice in the financial advancement of the locale. 

Trust and Commitment from the Start 

After the British Mandate Authority withdrew from Palestine in 1948, the Bank lost its extensions in Jafa and Haifa. At the point when clients who were obliged to leave the nation requested their stores, Arab Bank completely reclaimed all cases. This choice won the Arab Bank an incredible notoriety and turned into a recorded defining moment in its development: it cultivated a solid responsibility from the Bank towards its clients and imbued a gigantic dependability from its clients, which wins right up 'til the present time. 

The lost extensions were re-built: Haifa limb was moved to Beirut took after by Amman, Jaffa branch in Nablus and later Ramallah. At the point when the limb in Jerusalem was gotten up to speed in the common unsettling influence, the Bank's exercises were moved to business locales inside the old city of Jerusalem. 

In 1948, the Bank's base camp were exchanged to Amman, Jordan, where it was authoritatively joined as an open shareholding organization. 

A Catalyst for Arab Economies 

The decades after were viewed as a time of quick development; amid the 1940's and 1950's, the Bank stretched its system of limbs in the Arab world with 43 extensions reaching out all through the locale, and a developing capital which has developed to arrive at JOD 5.5 Million. 

Through broad ventures in an extensive variety of new businesses and open activities reaching out from Casablanca to Baghdad, Arab Bank went about as an impetus for Arab financial advancements amid a period when nobody was eager to take the danger. 

In Jordan the Bank's credits for new bond, material and nourishment handling plants upgraded the nation's development rate to wind up second after oil-rich Kuwait in the Middle East. Aside from business credits, the Bank gave fiscal aid to instruct several Arab understudies by sending them to Universities in the west. 


The 1960's brought along a wave of Nationalization which cleared the Arab world as nation after nation picked up freedom from British and French frontier standard. Branches in Egypt and Syria were nationalized in 1961, Iraq in 1964, Aden in 1969, lastly Sudan and Libya in 1970. Inside a time of ten years, Arab Bank lost an aggregate of 25 limbs. At the point when Israel possessed the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967, more extensions were shut. 

Fearless, the Bank carried on its extension. In 1961, the Bank opened its first universal area, turning into the first Arab budgetary organization to secure a vicinity in Switzerland. A sister organization, Arab Bank Switzerland was secured in Zurich in 1962 with an alternate limb in Geneva opening in 1964. 

Indeed in turbulent times, Arab Bank never defaulted on a solitary installment to any of its clients or accomplices, respecting every last bit of its duties paying little heed to the political and the earth. 

Relentless Expansion 

The 1970s were centered around the recently developing oil economies of the Gulf while relentlessly stretching in its new home base, Jordan. 

Abdul Majeed Shoman got to be Chairman and General Manager of Arab Bank in 1974 and meant to stretch the Bank's exercises and open new extensions around the world. 

Worldwide development proceeded with the opening of limbs in Frankfurt, London, Australia, New York, Singapore and in addition numerous different urban areas. After the marking of the Palestinian-Israeli Oslo Peace concurs, Arab Bank came back to the Palestinian regions to open a system of limbs in a few Palestinian towns. 

Parallel to developing in size, Arab Bank extended its extent of items and administrations into new ranges of business. Formerly stressing on exchange and little scale development back, the Bank embraced a heading part in vast scale venture account, both specifically and through interest in syndicated credits. By the 1990's, Arab Bank added financing keeping money to its secured administrations. 

Bedouin Bank Today 

Abdul Majeed Shoman passed away on July fifth, 2005. His child, Abdel Hamid Shoman was chosen Chairman upon his father's demise. 

In 2005, the Arab Bank revived operations in Syria, and performed essential preparatory plans to initiate its exercises in Iraq, circumstances allowing. 

In 2006, Arab Bank was allowed the green-light to build Europe Arab Bank (EAB), a London-based, completely claimed subsidiary, obtained half of MNG Bank in Turkey, and half of Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance organization in Jordan, therefore acquainting Bancassurance with its item mixed bag. 

Today, the Arab Bank Group has the biggest Arab keeping money extension system around the world, with in excess of 600 limbs in 30 nations, spreading over 5 landmasses. 

On thirteenth August 2008, Arab Bank plc got the permit to secure and work a completely claimed subsidiary in Khartoum – Sudan, under the name "Bedouin Sudanese Bank", which is expected to offer a full scope of managing an account items and administrations that are Islamic Sharia – consistent. The bank's paid up capital is Us$ 50 million. 

In 2011 Arab Bank turned into the first Jordanian based bank to dispatch a GRI checked Sustainability Report blanket its exercises in 2010. 

In August of 2012, Arab Bank's Board of Directors chose Sabih Masri as Chairman of the Board upon Abdel Hamid Shoman's abdication. 

Our Values 

Trust – True to our history, we will dependably ensure the enthusiasm of our clients. 

Responsibility – We are completely dedicated to the district, devoted to the individuals and economies. 

Citizenship – We are dynamic corporate residents, encouraging the development and progression of our groups. 

Administration Excellence – We str

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